Baby Money starring Fear The Walking Dead’s Danay Garcia

Fear the Walking Dead season 6 ending with a nuclear bomb explosion. Danay Garcia’s character Luciana was last seen onboard the helicopter that Al sent to rescue the group before the bomb exploded. Season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead will premiere on AMC on October 17, but ahead of that, you can see Garcia in the film Baby Money. 

Fear the Walking Dead – Courtesy of AMC

Luciana was with Daniel, Sarah, Jacob and Wes and was rescued by a helicopter that is assumed to be piloted by Isabelle. Al tells them not to ask the pilot any questions, but she is there the help them.

One of the new photos from season 7 shows Sarah and Luciana in an undisclosed location. It will be interesting to see where they end up as Isabelle is a pilot for the CRM.


Baby Money starring Danay Garcia

The film Baby Money premiered at Fantasia 2021 in August to rave reviews. It is now available via most platforms that stream movies. You can view the action-packed trailer here. 

Garcia plays Minny, a gal who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant with her partner Gil (Michael Drayer). Looking to make some quick money to help baby expenses, they help with a break-in that quickly goes south. It’s a wild ride of a film that you should be sure to check out!

Below, Garcia shares the release on her IG page. 

The post below shows Garcia as Minny, and if you click through, you can see many cast and crew photos.

You can also see Garcia in the film Spiked.  This film is a story that depicts the injustices of immigrant workers who are employed long the US/Mexican border. It is available on VOD platforms including Amazon Prime, Apple iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, Vimeo and Gravitas Movies.

She is also featured in Sam Rami’s 50 States of Fright. She is in the 3 Florida episodes.

Fear the Walking Dead will return to AMC on October 17 with the premiere of season 7.