Sydney Park stars in Netflix film There’s Someone Inside Your House

Sydney Park fans will be excited to learn she is starring in another Netflix film. This time it is a horror film. There’s Someone Inside Your House will premiere on Netflix in October, and this one is going to be amazing.

Park plays Cyndie on The Walking Dead, who is a resident of Oceanside. A group we have seen nor heard NOTHING of in season 11. Apparently, after they aided with the Whisperer war, they took some of the Hilltop residents back to Oceanside to reestablish that community, but we haven’t heard anything about it. With the desperate need for food, it seems Oceanside would be a good place to go and fish for their dinner.

Perhaps we will see something of this community before the end of season 11?

There’s Someone Inside Your House release date

The Netflix original film, There’s Someone Inside Your House, will release on the streamer on October 6th. This is just in time for all of your Halloween spooky viewing.

Park announced her involvement in this project on her IG page.

There’s Someone Inside Your House trailer

Park will be joined by Sarah Dugdale, Kayla Heller, Theodore Pellerin, Burkely Duffield, Emilija Baranac, Markian Tarasiuk and Andrew Dunbar.

The premise of the film is that the killer is targeting seniors at Osborne High School. The killer then reveals their darkest secret while wearing a mask of the victim. A group of misfits is the only hope of stopping the killer.

Parks recently starred in the Netflix original Moxie, a film about a group of high school girls who find their voices and are empowered by encouraging one another.

Next, Park will star in a romantic drama, First Love, with Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Jeffrey Donovan and Diane Kruger. Park and Tiffin experience their first love in high school while his parents, Donovan and Kruger, deal with financial issues in their marriage.

Be sure to watch for Sydney Park in her upcoming projects, and hopefully, we will see her in season 11 of The Walking Dead.