Nico Tortorella becomes the Scholarship Chairperson for Tempest

Nico Tortorella as Felix- The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Zach Dilgard/AMC
Nico Tortorella as Felix- The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Zach Dilgard/AMC /

Many people involved with The Walking Dead universe are involved in charitable causes and use their fame to do good things in this world. The Walking Dead: World Beyond’s Nice Tortorella has proudly announced that he has become the official scholarship chairperson for Tempest.

Tempest is an organization that helps people over come their alcohol dependency with a holistic approach to recovery. Founded by Holly Whitaker, who struggled with her own battle with alcohol. She was unable to find a program to suit her needs, so she created one.

The Scholarship Program helps people in the most overaffected and underserved communities. This ensures access to high quality recovery care for individuals within the  LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities who will benefit from Tempest Memberhips. You con make donations towards the scholarshops via the Tempest website or if you are in need of sponsorship you can email

Nico Tortorella – Tempest Scholarship Chairperson

Tortorella shared his news on his IG page with the video announcement below.

Nico Tortorella – The Walking Dead World Beyond Season 2

Tortorella will return in the second and final season of The Walknig Dead World Beyond on Oct 3 on AMC. His character Felix has recently reunited with his boyfriend Will (Jelani Alladin). Felix and Iris learn about the attack on the Omaha Campus from Will. They are told it was a horde that came through, when viewers know it was the CRM who attacked and killed the residents there.

The trailer for season two shows a lot of action and un knowns for the final season. There will be a crossover character from the flagship series The Walking Dead. We will see the return of Jadis, which isn’t too big of a surprise as she is the one who called the CRM helicopter to aid Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) after the bridge was blown up.

I still wonder if we will see Heath (Corey Hawkins) as showrunner Angela Kang has confirmed that he was traded by Jadis to the CRM. Jadis admitted to Father Gabriel, that this was something she had been doing. In a recent Walking Dead episode the name Heath appeared on the Commonwealth’s Wall of the Lost. Fans assumed this means we will see Heath on the flagship series but I think it was just a clue and we will see him on World Beyond.

One thing we will see in World Beyond with the appearance of Jadis is clues to Rick Grimes that should lead us to The Walking Dead movies.  What role Felix, Iris and the others will play in season 2 is yet to be seen but from the trailer it looks like it will be a wild ride.

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Congrats to Nico Tortorella on his role as Scholarship Chairperson for Tempest. What an honor.