Walking Dead season 11 episode 9 release date, teaser and more

Lynn Collins as Leah - The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC
Lynn Collins as Leah - The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC /

The Walking Dead is currently on hiatus after airing part one of season eleven. The part one finale left with some cliffhangers that could have left us with anxiety if it weren’t for the spoiler-heavy teaser that was released.

The first part of season eleven, which is also the final season, focused on Maggie and Negan’s feud, the dire straights at Alexandria, Daryl becoming a Reaper, and the goings-on at the Commonwealth.

Some of these topics have been drug out too long; I’m looking at you, Maggie and Negan, and others have left viewers confused about why they are even included – Reapers. Part two of this season should tie up some of those stories, and new ones will be started.

Walking Dead season 11 episode 9 release date

It was announced that the season premiere of part two of season 11 will air on AMC on February 20, 2022. This will mean AMC+ subscribers will be able to view the ninth episode on February 13, perfect for Valentine’s Day date night.

Walking Dead season 11 teaser

If you haven’t already viewed the teaser and don’t want some things spoiled, click away from this article now!

Don’t hate me; I didn’t create this video. I will further discuss the video below.

We see that Daryl has made his return to Alexandria with a wagon full of food. This means they somehow defeated the Reapers after the hwacha was released and took the food stores at Meridian, which was Maggie’s original plan. The question on most fans’ minds is, why did AMC spoil this?

If you slow down the video, you also see Lydia in the background with Carol. The last time we saw Lydia, she tried to hold the door closed at the house in Alexandria as walkers were pushing their way into the house. We saw the walkers breach the door but never saw what became of Lydia. Again, why spoil this?

Jerry is on guard duty at Alexandria, and he sees something in the distance. Next, we see the Commonwealth soldiers riding towards the community. This most likely means Eugene spilled his guts. And, this could be because of the scene where Lance has the crazy eyes looking at Eugene on some stairs.

We will also, finally, meet Governor Pamela Milton. She looks just as perfect (and fake) as everything else in the Commonwealth. In the comics, this is the person who puts much stock in the class system. It will be interesting to see how our group takes this information.

It seems some of the group also ends up at the Commonwealth, for what purpose? We see Eugene and Princess in what looks like disguises, maybe trying to escape from the community?

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Did you think that teaser was too spoilery? Or were you happy to see some of the cliffhangers will be resolved?

The Walking Dead returns to AMC and AMC+ February 2022.