Tales of the Walking Dead starts filming in Georgia

The Art of The Walking Dead Universe. Image courtesy Image Comics
The Art of The Walking Dead Universe. Image courtesy Image Comics /

AMC has made many announcements of spin-offs and movies in The Walking Dead universe. Many fans are skeptical about the additional series since the promised movies have yet to be made. But, hold on, The Gainesville Times has some great news about Tales of the Walking Dead. Filming for this series will start in Buford, Georiga, this month.

Tales of the Walking Dead is an episodic anthology series that will focus on individual characters in the universe. These episodes could feature characters new or old and tell any story past, present, or future.

The series is set for a Summer 2022 release for the first season that will consist of six episodes. Channing Powell will serve as showrunner for this series while working with Chief Content Officer Scott M. Gimple. Powell has been involved with The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead as a writer and producer.

Tales of the Walking Dead filming

The report states that Stalwart Productions has made a $30,000 donation to Hall County to use the property at 5711 Holiday Road.  The county will deposit the money into the Friends of Hall County fire Services fund for future purchases of equipment and gear for the Fire Department.

This location is on a backroad that will be closed down once filming commences on Tuesday, January 18. There are two prop locations on the site one is simply called “Mini Mart,” with the other is a Mexican restaurant called “2 Panchos.” They will film for 53 days at this location.

Tales of the Walking Dead has been described as “focused on both new and established characters set in the world of the original series.” Viewers could see any number of characters who have been seen in the series and perhaps hear some back story or other stand-alone experiences.

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The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 20, 2022.