This week’s Walking Dead universe news (April 8, 2022)

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Let’s look at what has been going on in The Walking Dead world this week and what will come this weekend. AMC will air the next episode of The Walking Dead on Sunday, April 10, at 9 p.m. This will be the last midseason finale ever for the series titled “Acts of God.” This episode was written by Nicole Mirante-Matthews and directed by Catriona McKenzie.

This episode will see Maggie, Lydia, Elijah, Marco, and others as they prepare to defend Hilltop and the Riverbend survivors against Lance Hornsby and his Commonwealth troopers. Last week we saw the return of Leah, and this week, Hornsby hires her for a job.

Don’t miss the premiere of the Fear The Walking Dead digital spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead: Dead in the Water. This webisode will only be available via AMC+ and will take viewers back to the eve of the outbreak aboard the USS Pennsylvania.

The Walking Dead News

  • Fear the Walking Dead will return to AMC on April 17 with the second half of season 7. The first two episodes of season 7B will be available on AMC+ on that same day. All remaining episodes will air one week early on AMC+.
  • Seth Gilliam will reprise his role as Dr. Alan Deaton in the new Teen Wolf: The Movie.
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan will star in a new horror film, Felix.
  • Khary Payton portrays Kaldur in the Young Justice series and has written an episode for the fourth season of Young Justice: Phantoms. The episode he wrote is titled “Leviathan Wakes,” aired on HBO Max on April 7.
  • Paola Lázaro has written a new play, There’s Always the Hudson, that will be featured at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company in Washington, DC, from May 9, 2022, to June 5, 2022. Lázaro also stars as the lead in the play.
  • Steven Ogg has been cast in a new crime drama, Now I See.
  • A crew member was injured on the Tales of the Walking Dead set. It has been reported that the crew member had to have surgery and is in stable condition. Production has since resumed.
  • After this week’s Walking Dead episode, Talking Dead will air with guest stars Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan, and Josh Hamilton.

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There will be many events we missed, but the above are just some highlights within TWDU this week.

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