The Walking Dead’s Alexandria walls are coming down soon

The Walking Dead filming locations. Photo: Renee Hansen
The Walking Dead filming locations. Photo: Renee Hansen /

Fans of The Walking Dead series knew the day would come, the day the walls of Alexandria would finally be removed. The permit for the walls of Alexandria will expire at midnight on June 30, so this week, anyone traveling to the city of Senoia, Georgia, affectionately known as the heart of The Walking Dead, will start to see the walls coming down.

The studio erected the walls of Alexandria in September 2014, and it has served as a main filming site for the series. Michael Riley, location manager of Stalwart Films, applied to extend the street closure for the appropriately named Morgan Street until June 2022. After the permit expires, Morgan Street will once again be open to the public.

What does this mean for fans? The street is public, and you will be able to drive on the street, a section that hasn’t been accessible to the public for years. BUT, you must remember that all the structures are private property, and you must be respectful of that. This area is known as the Gin Property, and the homes are being renovated to be sold.

UPDATE: I was able to travel to Senoia and visit Alexandria on the first day Morgan Street was opened. You can read about my experience and see the photos I took while there in the article below.

The Walking Dead – Alexandria

Friday, July 1, 2022, the street will once again be open to the public, but as stated above, drivers must be mindful of private property.

Our friends at Water Tower Tours will have times available to take you to the location as well as the other filming locations within the city of Senoia. This is a holiday weekend, so get your tour booked now, or you will miss out. Check out their video here.

The town of Senoia is small, and during a holiday weekend, it becomes overrun with fans of the series. With something as monumental as the walls of Alexandria coming down, it will be even busier than usual. If you plan to dine at Nic and Norman’s, you’d better make those reservations immediately and check their holiday hours.

Stop at The Woodbury Shoppe and visit Chris Twellmann/German Abraham at Abraham’s Army.

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