Will there be more episodes of The Walking Dead?

Senoia Georgia visit. Image courtesy Renee Hansen
Senoia Georgia visit. Image courtesy Renee Hansen /

The Walking Dead series began airing on Halloween night in 2010. Since then, the fandom, which started from a comic book series created by Robert Kirkman, has exploded into a universe comprised of spinoff series, games, web series, novels and various other related items. The main series will end this year, but the fandom will continue on.

The final season of The Walking Dead is a super-sized season consisting of 24 episodes. This season began airing in August 2012 and continued in February 2022. So far, 16 episodes have aired, and the final eight are expected this fall.

So, the answer to the question, “will there be more episodes of The Walking Dead,” is yes. This fall, fans of the long-running series will see the final eight episodes that will wrap up the storyline for this series. It has yet to be revealed if this story will lead into the spinoff series or the trilogy of movies that has long been promised to bring back Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

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The Walking Dead series has been airing on AMC for 12 years and it is heartbreaking to think that this year will bring the last episode ever. Fans have known for quite some time that this day was coming, but it will still be hard to handle.

The final season has already seen a lot of action. The Reapers were no match for Maggie, Negan, and the rest.  And now, the Commonwealth is quickly learning who they are up against. The midseason finale saw the communities overtaken by the Commonwealth, and our survivors will be ready for a fight when the series returns.

Senoia Georgia visit. Image courtesy Renee Hansen
Senoia Georgia visit. Image courtesy Renee Hansen /

The dismantling of the community of Alexandria, which is heavily featured in the series, located in Senoia, Georgia, is another reality check reminding viewers that the end is indeed near. The windmill and church were the first to be taken down after filming ended in March 2022. On June 30, 2022, at midnight, the permit closing Morgan St. expired after eight years, and the gates of Alexandria were open to the public. The walls of Alexandria will also be coming down soon, which will be a very strange site while visiting Senoia.

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