Tales of the Walking Dead: How Alpha’s story will differ in the spinoff

Samantha Morton as Alpha - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Samantha Morton as Alpha - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Samantha Morton will reprise her role as Alpha in the Tales of the Walking Dead spinoff series. This series is an anthology series in The Walking Dead universe (TWDU) that will feature standalone stories throughout its six episodes in season 1, which premieres on AMC on August 14. Several new characters will be introduced in this series, with Morton’s Alpha being the only Walking Dead character appearing this season.

Morton is well known in TWDU for her portrayal of the Whisperer’s leader Alpha. She is a cold, cunning, sadistic woman who allowed the apocalypse to turn her into someone who would do anything to survive in this world. She possessed an air of authority that commanded respect and obedience.

Her daughter Lydia shared how they came to be the Whisperers. They traveled from group to group, watching each one thrive and fall. This would turn her mother into the person known as Alpha, who would stop at nothing to ensure her and her daughter’s survival. They began using walker blood to cover their scent, enabling them to travel among the horde undetected. They would meet a man who would become to be known as Beta, and the pair would rule the terrifying group of skin wearers.

Lydia always believed her father to be abusive and her mother the protector and that someone else killed her father when it was Alpha who actually did. When she finally gets away from the control of her mother, she begins to remember that it was her mother who was abusive and continued to be so as Alpha.

Tales of the Walking Dead – Alpha/Dee

During Comic Con 2022, Morton shared that in The Walking Dead, the recounting of Alpha and Lydia’s story was from the point of view of Lydia. At the onset of the outbreak, she was a young child, and her memories were already clouded by her child’s mind, getting facts crossed. In Tales of the Walking Dead, viewers will get Dee’s, as Alpha used to be known, a perspective that will be an even different story than what Lydia has shared.

This will be quite interesting as fans have thought everything that was needed to be known about her was already told in the flagship series.

"They were Lydia’s flash backs, so we don’t know if they were true or not. This is interesting beccause this is Dee’s perspective. Dee is who she was before she becomes Alpha and it’s so exciting. She was always Alpha, she was always there, we are who we are."

Alpha/Dee will make her return to TWDU on August 28 on AMC in the third episode of Tales of the Walking Dead’s season 1.

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