Tales of the Walking Dead review: New twist on an old favorite

Tales of the Walking Dead _ Season 1 - Photo Credit: Curtis AMC
Tales of the Walking Dead _ Season 1 - Photo Credit: Curtis AMC /

Tales of the Walking Dead is the next installment in The Walking Dead universe (TWDU). This series is set as an anthology that will tell stand-alone stories featuring brand new characters and one familiar face from the main series. The first season will premiere on AMC and AMC+ on August 14, and I was able to preview three episodes and below are my initial thoughts on the newest TWDU series.

The episode details have been released, so nothing is being spoiled by stating that the episodes released for previewing are 101 “Evie/Joe,” 102 “Blair/Gina,” and 104 “Amy/Dr. Everett.” Each episode features a new cast, a new story, and its own tone.

All the episodes occur in different parts of the United States and at different times after the outbreak, with each character battling their own struggles and each with a unique story to share.

Tale of the Walking Dead – good or bad?

If the first episodes are any indication, Tales of the Walking Dead is a welcome addition to TWDU. The stories draw you in, and even though the time with these characters is short, you become very interested in what happens to them. Fans of The Walking Dead know it is much more than a “zombie show,” and Tales of TWD follows that vein of storytelling.

Tales of TWD is its own series, not tied to the main series canonically, but there are some fun Easter eggs that viewers with keen eyes will notice. People who have never watched an episode of TWD or its spinoffs can watch Tales of TWD episodes as a stand-alone series without feeling lost.

Each of the three episodes previewed were very well done; the actors teamed up were perfectly paired and had great chemistry. Overall, I enjoyed all three episodes for different reasons, as they were unique.

I think Tales of the Walking Dead has the potential to expand The Walking Dead universe to new heights. The stand-alone episodes allow new actors, directors, and writers to join TWD Family and make something that has grown into an ever-changing universe even more fantastic.

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