Tales of the Walking Dead: Who plays Brian? Interview with Matt Medrano

Parker Posey as Blair, Matt Medrano as Brian - Tales of the Walking Dead _ Season 1, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC
Parker Posey as Blair, Matt Medrano as Brian - Tales of the Walking Dead _ Season 1, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC /

This is part 2 of 2 of our interview with Matt Medrano (check out part 1 here), who portrayed Brian in the latest episode of Tales of the Walking Dead, “Blair/” Gina.” He plays Blair’s (Parker Posey) fiance and the pair are trying to make their way out of the city of Atlanta as strange things begin to happen at the beginning of what they will learn is a zombie apocalypse.

The article contains spoilers for Tales of the Walking Dead “Blair/Gina.” 

This episode is innovative for The Walking Dead and something that has never been done in the universe. Reminicent of the Groundhog Day but in this story Blair and Gina (Jullian Bell) must come to a point where they finally find some common ground and figure out how to survive and get out of the city. If you paid close attention at the beginning the posters in the windows of the Circle of Trust Insurance Company said “Insurance covering you for every reality.” This was a clue to what this episode would entail.

Medrano explained that when he auditioned for Brian, the character was described as self-absorbed, which is evident in the series. For the audition, he was to play the role as “very self-absorbed” and was played out like the scenes in the car where Brian and Blair were both not really listening to the other. As you can see from the episode, he did a great job making us believe that Brian was very much about himself and not too concerned that walkers were attacking his fiance.

He wasn’t too sure what this series was, but he was very interested as this episode didn’t sound anything like The Walking Dead. He shared that Showrunner Channing Powell and director Michael Satrazemis met him on set and told him they just knew he was the guy for his role.

“It was one of the most amazing things I have ever worked on.” He felt very welcome when Satrazemis and Posey each called him and talked about what they all wanted for the episode. “It really opened up the gate as everyone was on the same page saying ‘let’s get weird, let’s get creative, let’s have fun,’ and I love that!” Since this episode was outside the box, the cast and crew had the opportunity to take more creative chances, which was so fulfilling.

He was so complimentary to all of his co-stars and talked about how kind and helpful Posey was during their scenes. She encouraged him to go for it and not to hold back. It was such a great learning experience, and he had to re-read the script several times as each time, things were altered even though it was similar.

The relationship was obviously strained and Medrano and Posey did an outstanding job at giving off the vibe of a couple going through the motions, but neither one is emotionally invested.  And they do break up in the end.

This prompted me to ask him if he thinks Brian ever makes it to Jekyll Island, the destination they were trying to reach. He said that it is a hard question because “there is a part of me thinking what Brian would do and what Matt would do.” But, he feels like Brian didn’t make it because he couldn’t physically make it because of the traffic and the zombies are coming. He hopes that Brian would meet up with Blair again, redeem himself, and be less selfish. Then maybe they could make their way there together.

Tales of the Walking Dead Matt Medrano – other roles

We talked about several roles that he has been in, and you may recognize him from Good Sam, The Right Mom, Paradise City, 9-1-1, MacGyver, Interrogation and more.

He did have a role in Those Who Wish Me Dead with Angelina Jolie and fellow TWDU actor Jon Bernthal, but sadly his part was at the end and had to be cut. But, as Taylor Sheridan directed this, it led to something else.

He would then portray Agent Sodero in season 4 of Sheridan’s Yellowstone in the episode “Keep the Wolves Close.”  We chatted about his time on this series, and he talked about how tranquil it was filming in Montana during the pandemic. He was told his character might return, so hopefully, we will see him in this series again. “Taylor is one of the most phenomenal people you will ever meet.”

He has several new projects, including a crime thriller Reptile and a drama, Deltopia.

We appreciate Matt Medrano taking the time to chat with us and are so happy to welcome him to TWD Family. Be sure to follow Matt on his socials @MattMedrano888 on Twitter and Instagram.

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