This week’s Walking Dead news (September 9, 2022)

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We have lots to share in this week’s Walking Dead universe. The Walking Dead season 11 part three premiere is less than a month away, and we are all excited to see how this series will close out. If you want to get in on viewing parties at Nic & Norman’s in Senoia, you’d better reserve those spots now as they are going FAST!

Tales of the Walking Dead released another great episode last Sunday with “Amy/Dr. Everett.” It was a slower-paced episode, but it was another great story in TWDU that reinforces the flagship series’ conclusion that humans are the real threat. The episode appears to be set many years into the future in a location known as the Dead Sector, where walkers, zoo animals, and Dr. Everett, a scientist, have been cut off from the rest of the country by a vast trench. The doctor meets with Amy, a member of a group who believes the Dead Sector should be taken back and populated by humans as life on the other side of the trench has gotten even worse than before. 

Sunday, September 9, AMC will premiere the fifth episode of Tales of TWD, “Davon.” This episode sees Jessie T. Usher as the titular character who finds himself experiencing severe memory loss as he is accused of murder. It is an outstanding episode that is very different for TWDU. This episode is currently available on AMC+.

The Walking Dead news

  • Congratulations to Colman Domingo (Victor Strand on Fear TWD) for his first Emmy win for his guest role on Euphoria.
  • Samantha Morton (Alpha/Dee on TWD) has been cast in a new series, Burning Girls, that will air on Paramount+.
  • Chad L. Coleman (Tyreese on TWD) has been cast as the main villain in the Superman and Lois series.
  • Today is Teddy Bear Day and how better to celebrate than by honoring our Teddy Bear Girl?
  • Norman Reedus (Daryl on TWD) suffered an injury while filming for the final episode of the series. He shares more about the severity of this injury. 
  • Mo Collins (Sarah on Fear TWD) will star in the ABC series Not Dead Yet.
  • Michael Rooker (Merle on TWD) joins Kevin Costner’s new western Horizon.
  • You can see Jon Bernthal (Shane on TWD) in his new role as Julian Kaye in the Showtime series American Gigolo that premiered today.

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