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In about two weeks, AMC will premiere the first episode of season 11, part 3 of The Walking Dead. The first episode is titled “Lockdown,” directed by Greg Nicotero and written by Julia Ruchman. This episode will pick up where the season 11 midseason finale left off. Daryl and Negan will head to the Commonwealth to protect their families. Governor Milton will deal with the aftermath of Connie’s rogue publication informing the community of Sebastian’s crimes. This episode will also see Mercer and Rosita team up to fight off a horde.

This week AMC will be the season 1 finale episode of Tales of the Walking Dead. The episode is titled “La Doña” and sees Idalia (Daniella Pineda) and Eric (Danny Ramirez ) seek shelter in the home of  La Doña Alma (Julie Carmen). This episode will be in the same vein as the previous episode, “Davon,” with heavy horror elements, but this story is a  psychological thriller set in an apocalypse. The house they take shelter in begins to haunt the couple, or is it only in their minds? As events unfold, this begins to strain their relationship and states of mind.

This episode is currently available on AMC+ and marks the final episode of season 1 of Tales of the Walking Dead. There has been no renewal announcement for a second season, but hopefully, it will be announced shortly.

The Walking Dead news

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