The Walking Dead: Greg Nicotero’s Freddy Krueger walker

Eagle-eyed viewers of The Walking Dead always spot the most amazing Easter Eggs in the series. In the midseason premiere episode “Lockdown,” directed by Greg Nicotero, who is also in charge of the SFX for the series, fans saw a fantastic Easter Egg perfect for the Halloween season.

Nicotero and his crew treated fans to a look-alike walker that resembled the popular slasher movie villain, Freddy Krueger. The team used the look from the original film  A Nightmare on Elm Street, released in 1984.  If you look closely at the photo, Nicotero shared, you can see the outstanding detail they put into this walker. And, upon future inspection, you can see the trademark red and green striped sweater. In the scene, you can also see a distressed glove. (check it out at about the 31 min mark).

He quickly gave shoutouts to Gino Crognale and Mikey Rotella, who assisted in creating this magnificent walker.


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The Walking Dead – Greg Nicotero

In the final eight episodes of The Walking Dead, we know that Nicotero directs the premiere episode of part 3 and the last episodes of the series; it is yet to be announced if he will direct more of the final episodes.

Nicotero has been involved with the series since before it was greenlit. He has a lot of history with the series and has contributed significantly to making it one of the best series out there. He was pleased to join this series as the creators “grasped how unique zombie mythology is.”

Over the years, he has portrayed walkers in several episodes, including Daryl Dixon’s (Norman Reedus) first walker kill. This was in the second episode of the series “Tell it to the Frogs,” when Daryl came upon the walker eating the deer he had been tracking. That was Nicotero as a walker.

It is undoubtedly a bittersweet time for Greg Nicotero and the other creators and cast of this series as we enter the final episodes. The fans feel this as well.

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