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- The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC
- The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC /

The Walking Dead World Beyond series concluded its two-season run on AMC on December 5, 2021. This series was created as a limited series that would consist of only two seasons to tell its story. After watching the finale, there is more story that could be told, which includes some interesting variant walkers.

An after-credits scene in this series opens up some fantastic possibilities for a new series that will show what has taken place in other parts of the world during the apocalypse. This scene will likely tie into the new spinoff series, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, that is filming in France.

The other outstanding aspect of this is that we are going to see some much different walkers in the upcoming series. Gone are the slow-moving, brain-dead walkers, and in its place will be this variant that has speed, strength, and was that memory retention we saw?

Watch the scene below.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond after credits scene

If we look back to season one, “TS-19,” we can recall what Dr. Jenner was up to at that time and get some insight into what the French had been up to as far as research. In the clip of Jenner in the post-credit scene, he states that he hasn’t seen anything like the variant the French have described.

Rick and the group headed to the CDC because there were rumors that they had been working on a cure. The group was disappointed when they found only one doctor left to continue research for a cure. Jenner shared that the French were the last hold-outs and thought they were close to a solution. This makes the post-credit scene more interesting and ties into The Walking Dead with the footage of Jenner.

Obviously, the videos of Jenner are from before communications were completely shut down when he was able to share his research with the French and vice versa. In “TS-19,” Jenner stated that it had been 194 days since Wildfire was declared and 63 days since the outbreak went global. We are never told the exact date of when communications ceased, so the videos the French are looking at were recorded before the 194-day mark. He did say he had been in the dark for a month, but it’s unsure if this meant contact with others in the US or worldwide.

Comparing the videos shown in the after-credits scene and “TS-19,” Jenner was in zone 1 during the new clip and zone 5 during the first season clip. He told Rick and the group that zone 5 was all that was left by the time they arrived. All this does is verify that the new scene shows earlier footage of Jenner’s recordings.

There are words spray-painted on what appears to be an air duct in the new scene that read “Les morts sont nes ici,” which translates to “The dead were born here.” Does that mean we are going to get to see where the outbreak started?

The scene shows a woman, who we learn is a doctor, downloading Jenner’s videos to a laptop. A man enters and points a gun at her stating that they, referring to the doctors and scientists,  started this and then worsened it, referring to the outbreak. This is a bit confusing as Jenner’s timeline has the virus going global after it began in the US. The conversation continues, and we learn that some time has passed since the doctors were doing their research. So, perhaps this scene is in a timeline near The Walking Dead’s story.

He talks about a group named Primrose, but the woman says she was part of Violet. Apparently, there were several other teams, and at some point, some of them traveled to Toledo, Ohio, for a conference pre-outbreak. These teams are who the man deems responsible for the outbreak and possibly the inventors of the variant Jenner mentions. He states that most involved had been imprisoned, but now anyone involved will be killed. And while all the dialogue is interesting, that isn’t the most exciting thing bout the scene.

The man shoots the woman, and in a little over one minute, she reanimates into this walker that we have never seen in the TWDU. She was fast and strong and seemed to remember that the man who shot her left via the door we see her pounding on so hard that the door begans to bend.

The Walking Dead series ended its run in November 2022 and also saw some “smart” walkers that were nods to earlier seasons. But could these be a result of the CRM’s testing? Making the French variant its own thing.

It will be exciting to see what part the French variants have to play in the continuation of Daryl’s story, which is set to release in 2023.

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