Tales of the Walking Dead a great stand alone series in TWDU

Terry Crews Kersti Bryan Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC
Terry Crews Kersti Bryan Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC /

The Walking Dead universe began with the flagship series in 2010 and would go on to spawn a fandom that, in 2023, will consist of six spinoffs. One of the newer spinoffs released in the summer of 2022 was Tales of the Walking Dead, an episodic anthology series that is definitely worth the watch.

Tales of TWD season 1 consists of six episodes introducing the fandom to new characters in different locations across the United States. The unique thing about Tales of the Walking Dead is that this series can be watched without viewing an episode of TWD or any of its spinoffs.

TWD veteran Channing Powell serves as showrunner for the series, with TWD director Michael Satrazemis directing three of the six. Ron Underwood,  Haifaa al-Mansour, and Deborah Kampmeier directed the remaining three.

It was an outstanding series set in the same world as the main series but shed new light on the apocalypse, with one episode taking place approximately 30 years after the outbreak. There are many fun Easter Eggs for eagle-eyed viewers.

Tales of the Walking Dead season 2?

There has been no announcement of a second season, but Powell has said there were about 25 episodes written for the series. AMC Networks’ main focus is currently the spinoffs Dead City, Daryl Dixon, and Rick & Michonne series. Perhaps once these series have their first seasons filmed, news of renewal for Tales of TWD will be announced.

The unique thing about Tales of TWD is the anthology format. One episode, “Dee,” featured a character familiar to viewers; it focused on the back story of Alpha (Samantha Morton) and her daughter Lydia (Scarlett Blum). The other episodes not only featured new characters, but each had its tone and theme, from supernatural horror to buddy comedy time warp.

Tales of the Walking Dead can be viewed on AMC+.

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