Final season of The Walking Dead reminds fans why they love this series

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) - The Walking Dead, Season 1 - Photo Credit: Scott Garfield/AMC
Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) - The Walking Dead, Season 1 - Photo Credit: Scott Garfield/AMC /

Remember the first time you watched The Walking Dead? Whether it was live the first night it aired, two years after it began, or even if you watched the pilot for the first time last week. That first episode and the early seasons had something special where you couldn’t wait to see what happened next. Then something changed, and the series lost some of its luster. Die-hard fans stuck it out, but even they had tepid responses. Luckily the final season of the series proved amazing and reminded fans why they love The Walking Dead.

The series has now concluded, and in the end, the storyline was more intense, the characters more interesting, and the cinematography had something extra that made it more dynamic. With a final season, fans hope that creators will pull out all the stops and make it the most memorable of the series, and The Walking Dead creators did just that!

The more intimate feeling of the story returned, and the characters made intelligent choices you would expect from people who have been living in an apocalypse for 12 years. The newest villain, Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton), was precisely what you could expect from a community like the Commonwealth. Beloved characters like Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) paired up, making an excellent zpoc team. These last episodes saw the mounting tension that excited viewers to see what would come next. These are the type of elements that drew viewers in at the beginning. This is how you end a series the right way.

The Walking Dead final season

I am one of those fans who didn’t start watching until a bit later, mid-season 3, to be exact. But since then, I have been an avid watcher, rarely missing a live airing on AMC. I have grown to love this series, so much, in fact, that I have made a career out of it. And there have been times when I haven’t been thrilled with how storylines have gone or seasons I thought were too slow etc., but overall I have truly loved this series.

As the final episodes aired, it gave me great joy to see all the cast and crew give it their all and make this season one we can remember fondly. It is also great to know that this fandom won’t die with the ending of the flagship series. We have so much to look forward to with the spinoffs.

The final episode of The Walking Dead did a fantastic job of closing chapters that needed closing while leaving others open for much more to come.  Thank you to everyone who had a part, no matter how small, in making The Walking Dead. This series spawned TWD Family, which is forever.

The Walking Dead spinoffs

In 2023 fans will see part 1 of the eighth and final season of Fear the Walking Dead in May, followed by The Walking Dead: Dead City in June. The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon will debut in the second half of 2023, with Summit, the Rick & Michonne series, coming in 2024.

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