Squirrels use Walking Dead technique to hide themselves from snakes

The Walking Dead season 1 episode 2. Image courtesy AMC
The Walking Dead season 1 episode 2. Image courtesy AMC /

The Walking Dead series provides many valuable tips for fans of preppers who ready themselves just in case the end of the world comes in their lifetime. Throughout the series, our survivors found themselves in many different living situations requiring them to become quite resourceful.

One disgusting but lifesaving technique used frequently in The Walking Dead was smearing walker guts on their persons to mask the scent of the living so they could walk among the undead. This was first used in the season 1 episode “Guts” when Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) needed to travel the streets of Atlanta that were overrun by walkers.

Below is the scene where they chopped up walkers and used their guts, intestines, and other body parts, believing it would mask their scent. The ultimate goal was to obtain a truck that would allow them safe passage out of Atlanta. Things went well until it began to rain, washing away the guts.

This technique was used several times throughout the series with success. The Whisperers would take this a step further and wear the faces of the undead to camouflage themselves further.

Now, this technique is highly questionable. What if you get the gunk in your mouth? Could this cause you to turn? Besides being questionable, it is just disgusting. Can you imagine the smell?

The Walking Dead technique in nature

PBS featured a very interesting video where squirrels use this same camouflage to hide from snakes. It is a fascinating video showing how the squirrels chew the shed skins of rattlesnakes and then squish the mush into their fur to smell like a snake. They will even apply this to their offspring’s fur, keeping them safe as well.

Daryl Dixon would be proud!

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