Fear the Walking Dead: How close is PADRE to King County?

Lennie James as Morgan Jones - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Lauren "Lo" Smith/AMC
Lennie James as Morgan Jones - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Lauren "Lo" Smith/AMC /

Thefinal season of Fear the Walking Dead is making my head spin. No matter how much I want to love this series, I just can’t get on board with all the nonsense going on with some of the storylines. The insane reveal of the PADRE kingpins and now the long trek from King County, Georgia, to PADRE seems to be a casual walk down a short path.

When Madison and Morgan boarded the small boat headed to the larger one that would take them to PADRE, they were in Louisiana. This made sense as they fled Texas, and the Gulf of Mexico connected these states. It would also explain how easily PADRE caught up to the survivors on the rafts when Morgan ratted them out.

In 804, Morgan heads to King County, Georgia, by foot; this would be about a 600-mile journey from Louisiana. Grace followed in a truck, then Dwight, Sherry, and the PADRE guards appeared shortly after on horseback; for real?

Where is PADRE located in Fear the Walking Dead?

Now it appears that PADRE is located somewhere in Georgia, where there are islands. This could only be on the eastern coast, as Georgia doesn’t touch the gulf. The map Mo holds to show where the portable train hospital was located when she found it shows southeastern Georgia, just south of Savannah.

Below is a screenshot of the map (which one person stated could be folded over, and that appears to be the case). The yellow circle could be PADRE, making it even further south than Savannah.

Shrike states she made the casual trip to King County to view Morgan’s slaughter of walkers and was impressed.

How are they making this trip so quickly?

King County, Georgia, is fictional but is supposed to be located just southwest of Atlanta, where Coweta/Fayette Counties are located. The trek from Savannah to Fayette County is over 240 miles (79 hours on foot). I get that this is a TV show, but come on, at least make it believable.

This is only one beef I have with this series but is it the most significant with season 8 besides the reveal of the not-so-scary Krennick kids as the masterminds behind PADRE.

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