Is Rick Grimes in season 8 of Fear the Walking Dead?

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) - The Walking Dead_Season 3, Episode 13_"Arrow on the Doorpost" - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) - The Walking Dead_Season 3, Episode 13_"Arrow on the Doorpost" - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Fear the Walking Dead’s midseason 8 finale was the final episode of the longtime character Morgan Jones, played by Lennie James since 2010. Morgan was the first character to crossover from The Walking Dead to the spinoff. During his final episodes, Morgan talked about his longtime friend Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) several times, but did Rick ever appear in season 8 of Fear the Walking Dead?  

Morgan’s final episodes of Fear the Walking Dead aired in the eighth season of the series, and several times he referenced his friend Rick and even took a journey back to King County, Georgia, where they first met. Morgan traveled back to Georgia to put his son and wife to rest after experiencing much trauma while he was there back in season 3 of The Walking Dead. 

This time while in Georgia, he was followed by his new family, Grace (Karen David) and their daughter Mo (Zoey Merchant). This added to the tension as he laid one part of his family to rest while trying to protect the other.

Did Rick appear in Fear the Walking Dead?

While Fear the Walking Dead relied heavily on Rick Grimes nostalgia during the first part of its final season, Rick never appeared in the season. Morgan remembered the important words his friend shared with him and passed that knowledge on to others.

In the final scene of the episode, Morgan makes a radio call to his old friend, and he and his daughter Mo go searching for Rick. This was a call back to the first season of The Walking Dead when each day at dawn; Rick would radio Morgan in the hopes of reconnecting with him. Viewers were excited at the prospect of a Rick & Morgan reunion, but James has stated he is finished playing Morgan Jones.

Rick Grimes did make an appearance in Fear the Walking Dead season 4. This was in Morgan’s crossover episode, “What’s Your Story?” where in a flashback, it was revealed that Rick, Jesus (Tom Payne), and Carol (Melissa McBride) visited Morgan at the heaps to convince him to stay in Virginia.

It is doubtful that viewers will ever see an onscreen reunion of Rick and Morgan, as James stated in an interview “…as far as I’m concerned, at this particular moment in time, this is the end of the road for Morgan. You’ll only see him again if a story comes up within the universe that is just too good to say no to.”

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