The Walking Dead: Betrayal – Skybound announces Beta Testplay

The Walking Dead: Betrayal
The Walking Dead: Betrayal /

The Walking Dead: Betrayal is a third-person action game announced by Skybound Entertainment, of which Walking Dead comic creator Robert Kirkman is the Chief Creative Director. Skybound has now announced beta testplay for the new game beginning August 25.

The Walking Dead: Betrayal
The Walking Dead: Betrayal /

Betrayal is currently in development by Ocean Interactive, the team responsible for the critically acclaimed Project Winter. The gameplay accommodates up to eight players and requires cooperation and strategy.

During each match, players interact as survivors terrorized by a horde of walkers as they discover they have run out of resources. Players then strategize how to complete objectives while also planning their escape. Set in rural Canada, walkers aren’t the only threat. There are traitors among them who plot against their every move, including sabotaging repairs and prohibiting anyone from leaving. As the sabotage is discovered, the survivors become paranoid, accusing one another of the damages while trying to formulate their escape plan.

The Walking Dead: Betrayal beta testplay

Players wishing to sign up for the beta testplay can do so via the Betrayal Steam page. Join the Discord page to keep up to date on new developments of the game.

  • 9:00 a.m. PT, August 25: Open Beta Starts
  • 9:00 a.m. PT, August 28: Open Beta Closes

The trailer below provides pro tips on how the game is played.

The Walking Dead: Betrayal
The Walking Dead: Betrayal /

The main features of gameplay include Teamwork, Communication, Crafting & Cooking, and Betrayal & Deception. The survivors must scavage for supplies, which requires leaving the Safe Zone. They will also make weapons and cook food to keep up their strength. The traitors begin the game with little strength, but as gameplay progresses, they become stronger, and that’s when the sabotage begins.

If a player doesn’t survive, they can exact revenge in the form of a walker. As a walker, players have the ability to control hordes and avenge their own deaths.

The characters are customizable with in-game purchases using game currency to acquire cosmetics.

"We’re tremendously excited to unveil this latest The Walking Dead experience that fully immerses players with a fresh and unique take on social deception gameplay. Partnering with Other Ocean Interactive, true innovators in this game genre, will allow players to experience hordes of deceit and distrust as they struggle to work together to survive and escape.– Robert Kirkman, Chief Creative Director of Skybound Entertainment and creator of The Walking Dead."

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