Fear the Walking Dead cast members reunite for intimate dinner

Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Kim Dickens as Madison Clark - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Key Art - Photo Credit: Brendan Meadows/AMC
Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Kim Dickens as Madison Clark - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Key Art - Photo Credit: Brendan Meadows/AMC /

Fear the Walking Dead celebrated the anniversary of the series premiere on August 23. The series began airing in 2015 and will air its final episode in November.  Several cast members gathered at the home of Karen David (Grace) and her husband, Carl Ryden, to commemorate the milestone.

Images from social media show the dinner was attended by cast members Kim Dickens, Lennie James, Garret Dillahunt, Mo Collins, and Coleman Domingo. They were joined by Dickens’ partner, Leisha Hailey, Collins’ husband, Alex Skuby (who starred in one episode of Fear TWD), and Domingo’s husband, Raúl Domingo. David’s husband, Carl Ryden, prepared the meal for the group, which, from the plating image, looks to have been quite the meal.

Domingo read a friendship plaque of which he comments, “Pooh and Piglet said it best.”

Dickens and Domingo are forever friends, and he says, “She will literally do anything for me. Kim Dickens is the best.”

Fear the Walking Dead season 8

The eighth season of Fear the Walking Dead marks the end of the series. AMC announced the last season in January 2023, and part 1 of the season concluded in June. The first part of the season saw the death of David’s Grace; you can read her touching tribute to the character on Instagram, where she shared her appreciation of being able to tell “this incredibly brave woman’s story.”

The first six episodes would conclude with James’ final episode as Morgan Jones, a character he has portrayed since the pilot episode of The Walking Dead in 2010. He was the first crossover character to join Fear TWD, with Austin Amelio (Dwight) and Christine Evangelista (Sherry) to follow. Morgan’s story is over despite his desire to look for his old friend Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). James has stated, “This is it for me. He’s been around long enough.”

Dillahunt, who was also in attendance at the dinner, portrayed John Dorie in seasons 4-6. Dorie was a fan-favorite character, and viewers were sad when he died at the hands of Dakota (Zoe Colletti). He was married to Jenna Elfman’s June, and she would be the one to discover his reanimated self. It was a touching and emotional scene.

The second half of Fear TWD’s final season will premiere in October and focus significantly on Madison Clark (Dickens), who returned in season 7 after being thought to have died in season 4 at the fall of the Dell Diamond Stadium. She has reunited with some of her old friends, and the upcoming episodes will see her reunite with Victor Strand (Domingo), who was absent during part 1 of the season, and others.

Collins’ Sarah has been MIA during the first part of the season, and fans are eager to learn anything about her character and her brother Wendell (Daryl “Chill” Mitchell).

The final season will also see the return of another character, Troy Otto (Daniel Sharman), who was thought to have died. It is a strange twist to see him return after viewers see him bashed in the head, twice, with a hammer by Madison and seen floating in the flood waters of the Gonzalez Dam, which was blown up.

Rubén Blades returned as Daniel Salazar in the first part of the season, and along with Sarah and Wendell, there has been no word on Rabbi Jacob Kessner. Daniel mentions Luciana (Danay Garcia), who will be seen in the upcoming episodes, and Charlie (Alexa Nisenson), whose fate from the radiation poisoning has yet to be revealed.

In June, Isha Blaaker (Red Riding Hoods and The Flight Attendant) was announced as joining season 8 of Fear TWD.  He will play a character named Frank, but other details about the character have been kept under wraps.

Don’t miss the final six episodes of Fear the Walking Dead on AMC on October 22 at 9 p.m. ET. These episodes will air three days early on AMC+.

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