Fear the Walking Dead Tracy Otto’s mother, what did she add to the story?

Sunday, November 19, Fear the Walking Dead will conclude its story with a double-episode series finale. “Fighting Like You” and “The Road Ahead” are the episodes that will wrap up the series that began airing on AMC in 2015. The back half of season 8 reintroduced Troy Otto (Daniel Sharman), revealing that he has a daughter, Tracy (Antonella Rose).

In the most recent episode, “Keeping Her Alive,” Tracy led Madison (Kim Dickens) and Daniel (Ruben Blades) to what she said was the reanimated Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey). When they arrive, they see many walkers frozen in mud, making them immobile. One, with long dark hair, appears to be Madison’s daughter, Alicia. Instead, it was a trick orchestrated by Tracy, and the walker was her mother, whom she says Madison killed.

This was a notion that Troy put into Tracy’s head, along with many other lies. The plot of this storyline centered around the fact that Madison killed Tracy’s mother and misled viewers to believe Tracy’s mother was Alicia. It wasn’t anything that dramatic; Tracy’s mother just believed in Madison’s adage, “No one’s gone until they’re gone.” But the story has yet to explain how that got her killed.

So, the introduction of Tracy’s mother, whose name was Lyn, was pointless. Tracy, convinced by her father’s lie that Madison killed her mother, believed she could lead Madison there, and the walker version of her mother would kill Madison,

Fear the Walking Dead – Tracy Otto

Antonella Rose as Tracy – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Seth F. Johnson/AMC

Tracy wears a necklace that Strand (Victor Strand) recognized as Alicia’s, and through conversations, it seems that Tracy met Alicia at one time.

But the question still remains: is Alicia alive? Troy told Madison he killed her, and he was in possession of her prosthetic arm, which doesn’t mean she is dead. Is he just using this as leverage over Madison, playing some type of psychological warfare?

With only two episodes remaining, there are still many unanswered questions.

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