Fear the Walking Dead season 8: Will Alicia return for the last season?

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Lauren "Lo" Smith/AMC
Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Lauren "Lo" Smith/AMC /

Actress Alicia Debnam-Carey departed Fear the Walking Dead during season 7. She had portrayed Alicia Clark since season 1 of the series, and fans were sorely disappointed to lose the character. The blow of her departure was softened by the announcement that her mother, Madison (Kim Dickens), would return to the series. AMC has revealed that season 8 of Fear the Walking Dead will be the final, will Debnam-Carey return during the last chapter of this series?

Madison is a fan-favorite character, and when she “died” in season 4, her super fans didn’t lose hope that she would return. Fans of any of The Walking Dead universe series know if there is no body, a character can make a return. They held out hope and were rewarded when Dickens announced Madison’s return on an episode of Talking Dead. 

Viewers were excited at the prospect of a Madison/Alicia reunion that was never to take place. They were sorely disappointed when Alicia announced she was parting ways with the survivors in the penultimate episode.

This storyline accounts for Debnam-Carey’s decision to move on to other projects. Watch Debnam-Carey in Saint X on Hulu and The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart on Amazon Prime Video.

Fear the Walking Dead season 8 – will Alicia return?

When AMC announced that the eighth season of Fear the Walking Dead would be the final Alicia fans wanted to know if she would return to close out the story. Check out Sportskeeda exclusive interview when they asked Dickens if fans could expect Alicia to return to the series she had this to say:

"In this universe, never say never. And what’s been interesting is how, even though Madison wasn’t around, how much her presence was felt in Alicia’s growth. As becoming her own leader. As becoming a woman. An adult. A warrior. I think it was interesting in how they kept Madison alive in that way and I think they do the same thing with my children for Madison. But you never say never."

She, of course, couldn’t directly answer this question, but it is possible that Debnam-Carey would want to appear in the last season of the series.

The official trailer for Fear TWD season 8, part 2 reveals the return of Troy Otto (Daniel Sharman) who has long thought to be dead. One item of interest that he has in his possession is Alicia’s prosthetic arm. Does this mean he killed her? Or only took the arm to torment Madison, as he has been searching for her. Only time will tell of Alicia’s fate.

UPDATE: In season 8, episode 7, “Anton” Troy would reveal to Madison that he in fact killed Alicia and didn’t put her down so she would roam as a walker. But he is exacting revenge on Madison so it is unclear if this is true, he could be telling her this to make her suffer.

A teaser for an upcoming upside shows that Alicia could be a walker roaming within a horde. This would be one way to see Alicia return for the final season. Fans would be horrified if this is the way Madison must say goodbye to her daughter.

You will have to watch the final episodes to find out.

Fear the Walking Dead airs new episodes on AMC and AMC+ on Sunday. 

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