Who plays Glenn Rhee on The Walking Dead?

Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 7 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 7 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

The Walking Dead series concluded its story in 2022, and fans will continue to watch and rewatch their most beloved series and recommend it to people who have never watched it. Many stand-out actors have been featured in The Walking Dead and its numerous spinoffs, and one of those is the actor who played Glenn Rhee in seasons 1 through 7. Who is this actor?

Walking Dead
Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) – The Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Academy Award nominee Steven Yeun, also known for Invincible and Beef, played Glenn Rhee, a former pizza delivery guy, in The Walking Dead series. His character was a level-headed, resourceful guy who could think quickly on his feet, earning him the job as a supply runner in the early seasons.

Glenn falls for the farmer’s daughter, Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan), and they become husband and wife. Before his brutal death at the hands of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the couple discovered she was pregnant. Maggie endured much after Glenn’s death, and now her story, and that of their son Hershel (Logan Kim),  is continued in the spinoff series, The Walking Dead: Dead City. 

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The Walking Dead -Steven Yeun, what else does he star in?

Steven Yeun
Steven Yeun (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images) /

Yeun is a South Korean-American actor who has been very busy since he departed from The Walking Dead. He would become the first-ever Asian American actor to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in the film Minari. He has also starred in several recent films, including Jordan Peele’s Nope and The Humans, and don’t miss his performances in Burning, Mayhem, and Sorry to Bother You. 

Invincible season 2
Invincible – Episode 101 – “It’s About Time” –Pictured: Steven Yeun (Mark Grayson) — Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

He voices Mark Grayson/Invincible in the adult animated superhero series Invincible now in its second season on Prime Video. He does other voice work, including Speckle in Tuca & Bertie, Trollhunters, Voltron: Legacy Defender, and more.

His most recent release is a Netflix original series, Beef, in which he plays the lead alongside Ali Wong. This dark comedy is a moving story about a down-on-his-luck contractor who encounters a road rage incident with a wealthy small business owner. The incident begins to consume both of their lives.

It was recently announced that Yeun will join the MCU as Sentry in Thunderbolts. He has two other upcoming sci-fi projects: a film with Robert Pattinson, Toni Collette, and Mark Ruffalo titled Mickey 17 and another with Kristen Stewart, Love Me. 

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