Garret Dillahunt cast in psychological thriller The Huntsman

Dillahunt is well known for his roles in Fear the Walking Dead, Raising Hope, Sprung, and more.
Beyond Fest Premiere of Neon’s IMMACULATE
Beyond Fest Premiere of Neon’s IMMACULATE / Eric Charbonneau/GettyImages

Deadline reports that actor Garret Dillahunt will begin filming his newest project in Oklahoma this month. The Huntsman is a psychological thriller directed by Kyle Kauwika Harris, known for Out of Exile.

Dillahunt was announced for the film along with Elizabeth Mitchell, Shawn Ashmore, and Jessy Schram. The Huntsman is an adaptation of the novel by Judith Sander from the screenplay by Steven Jon Whritner.

The story follows an ICU nurse (Ashmore) who has volunteered to read to an ICU patient (Dillahunt) who is the main suspect in a string of horrific murders in a small southwest town. The investigation is led by a detective (Schram) who is working diligently to solve the cases before more bodies turn up, while other possible suspects take the case on a spiraling journey. The patient's wife (Mitchell) believes her husband is innocent of the crimes and encounters difficulties with the investigation process.

In a quote for Deadline, director Harris expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating that he is excited to begin filming this "dark and atmospheric story." He also stated that this film will "shake the viewer up."

Dillahunt shared the news on Instagream

Garret Dillahunt - The Dead Don't Hurt

On May 31, Fear the Walking Dead actor Dillahunt will star alongside fellow TWDU actor Ray McKinnon in the film The Dead Don't Hurt, which is written, directed, produced, composed by, and starred Viggo Mortensen.

Set in the 1860s, the story follows French Canadian Vivienne Le Coudy, played by Vicky Krieps, who breaks from societal norms of the period to live with a Danish immigrant carpenter, Holger Olsen, played by Mortensen. After meeting in San Fransico the pair move near Elk Flats, where Holger's home is located. When he volunteers for the Civil War, Vivienne is left to her own devices as she comes against corrupt Mayor Rudolph Schiller (Danny Huston), his powerful business partner, rancher Alfred Jeffries (Dillahunt), and his violent son Weston (Solly McLeod). Watch the trailer below.

Dillahunt recently starred in several episodes of season 3 of Hightown, that airs on Starz. He has also starred in Red Right Hand with Andie MacDowell, and Orlando Bloom, A Million Miles Away, Gray Matter, and Dead To Me.


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