Kim Coates discusses role in Walking Dead: Dead City and confirms episode count for season 2

In a recent interview with Katie Segal and Kurt Sutter, Coates talks about his new role.
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Actor Kim Coates was recently announced to join the cast of The Walking Dead: Dead City season 2, a subject he touched on as a guest on the podcast PIE (People, Influences, and Experiences). The podcast is hosted by Sons of Anarchy creator Kirk Sutter and his wife, Katie Segal, the star of SOA. Coates also starred in the series, a role he is well known for.

During their chat they touched on many topics including Coates role in Dead City as "the lead bad guy" for the second season. His charactor Bruegel is the leader of one of the toughests gangs in New York who is intelligent and manipulative.

Coates also confirmed that The Walking Dead: Dead City will consist of eight episodes, two more than season 1, which is amazing news for fans of the series.

You can watch the interview below.

Dead City season 2

The addition of another bad guy will up the tension as the end of season 1 revealed that The Croat (Željko Ivanek), who appeared to be a significant villain, wasn't the only one Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) would come in contact with. The Dama (Lisa Emery) is introduced as the queen bee in Manhattan and has big plans to take control of the city with Negan's help. Will fans see an altercation between Morgan's Negan and Coates Bruegel?

Another layer of intrigue is Logan Kim's tease, which hints that in season 2, his character, Hershel, will take a dark turn. In season 1, he was abducted by The Croat who promised Hershel's mother, Maggie (Lauren Cohan), that he would trade her son for Negan. While in the presence of The Croat and The Dama, he experienced psychological torment and had one of his pinky toes cut off. When he was rescued, he told his mother he felt safe in Manhattan, something that hints that he may try to return in season 2.

Other characters expected to return in season 2 include Marshal Pearlie Armstrong (Gaius Charles), Ginny (Mahina Napoleon), The Prefect (Jasmin Walker), and Nina (Pallavi Sastry).

The Walking Dead: Dead City season 2 is expected to premeire on AMC and AMC+ in 2025.

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