Night Swim with TWDU actors Kerry Condon, Wyatt Russell & Gavin Warren on VOD

Gavin Warren as Elliot Waller in Night Swim, directed by Bryce McGuire.
Gavin Warren as Elliot Waller in Night Swim, directed by Bryce McGuire. /

The swimming pool horror film, Night Swim, produced by Jason Blum and James Wan in their first project since the merger of their Blumhouse Productions and Atomic Monster banners. The critical reception was less than favorable but had a decent box office run. Now you can watch the movie from the comfort of your home.

Night Swim is a supernatural horror that was written by Byrce McGuire, who also directs, as a short film he created with Rod Blackhurst. The movie is McGuire's feature directorial debut, which stars Kerry Condon, Wyatt Russell, Gavin Warren, and Amélie Hoeferle as the Waller family, who discover that having a backyard swimming pool isn't worth the trouble.

The first horror release of 2024, Night Swim follows the Waller family as they move into a new home. Ray, a professional baseball player forced into early retirement due to a degenerative illness, is excited about the prospect of a pool. He can use it for PT and it can be a great recreational activity for the family. But the pool, inhabited by an supernatural presence, has other plans.

The movie became available digitally on January 23, after its January 5 theatrical release, where it debuted second behind Wonka, which was released in mid-December 2023. Night Swim can be rented or purchased on Prime Video, Apple TV, Vudu, and more.

Walking Dead universe connection to Night Swim

Kerry Condon was featured in one episode of The Walking Dead's season 4. She portrayed a woman named Clara who encounters Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and asks for his help. It would be revealed that the state of the world had driven her mad to the point that she kept her husband's reanimated head, not being able to bear the thought of being parted from him. She would appear as a walker in three other episodes that season.

Gavin Warren was cast as Finch, the son of Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Sherry (Christine Evangelista), in the eighth and final season of Fear the Walking Dead. He appeared as a child who lived at PADRE after the seven-year time jump experience in the first part of the season. Dwight and Sherry can never catch a break and their son would die by the midseason finale.

Wyatt Russell starred in The Walking Dead Webisodes: The Oath, which was directed by Greg Nicotero.

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