Norman Reedus financee Diane Kruger shares new of her new film, The Shrouds

Diane Kruger is well known for her roles in Troy, Inglourious Basterds, and the National Treasure movies, as well as many other notable roles.

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Actress Diane Kruger, who most recently starred in Joika and Visions, shared news of her upcoming horror movie, The Shrouds.

The David Cronenberg film will be the director's longest yet, with a runtime of 119 minutes beating out Dead Ringers (1988) and Naked Lunch (1991) which both ran 116 minutes. Cronenberg has called this a very personal film and it is autobiographical.

Kruger, who plays three roles in the film, stars alongside Vincent Cassel, Guy Pierce, Sandrine Holt, Elizabeth Saunders, Jennifer Dale, Eric Weinthal, and Steve Switzman. Kruger confirmed in an interview with Deadline Hollywood that she plays Karsh's wife, her sister, and an avatar that he creates.

Cassel plays Karsh, a grieving windower who is an innovative business man who has invented a device which connects with the dead inside a burial shroud.

" This burial tool installed at his own state-of-the-art – though controversial cemetery allows him and his clients to watch their specific departed loved one decompose in real time. Karsh’s revolutionary business is on the verge of breaking into the international mainstream when several graves within his cemetery are vandalized and nearly destroyed, including that of his wife. While he struggles to uncover a clear motive for the attack, the mystery of who wrought this havoc, and why, drive him to reevaluate his business, marriage and fidelity to his late wife’s memory, as well as push him to new beginnings. Holt plays a mysterious woman, the wife of a billionaire, who contacts Cassel’s Karsh about a strange project involving her husband."

The Shrouds synopsis

The Shrouds is expected to release on September 25, 2024.

Below Kruger shares a first look image of the film on Instagram.

This image is a creepy first look at what's to come in The Shrouds.

Diane Kruger upcoming role

Kruger has been cast in Longing an upcoming comedy-drama that is a remake of director Savi Gabizon's 2017 Israeli film. The movie also stars Richard Gere, Suzanne Clément, Marnie McPhail, Stuart Hughes, Tomaso Sanelli, and Jessica Clement.

Kruger and finance Norman Reedus recently spent spring break 2024 with their daughter in Tokyo. She highly recommended the Team Lab Exhibit but stated, "A definite NO is Tokyo Disneyland TRUST.”


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