Reasons why you should be excited that Bert & Bertie are directing The Ones Who Live

New spinoffs mean new faces actress cast and crew. This is true of the upcoming The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live featuring directors Bert & Bertie.
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The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live reportedly has a budget of $13.7 million PER EPISODE. This alone should cause you to take notice of the fact the series will see Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira return to TWDU as Rick and Michonne and include other great cast members. Another exciting bit of news is that the directorial powerhouse of Bert & Bertie is directing the first two episodes.

In a recent press release, AMC revealed the three episode titles along with directors writers and release dates.

Episode 1 – “Years” - Premieres on Sunday, February 25 on AMC and AMC+
Directors: Bert & Bertie
Story by: Scott M. Gimple, Danai Gurira, Andrew Lincoln
Teleplay by: Scott M. Gimple

Episode 2 – “Gone” - Premieres on Sunday, March 3 on AMC and AMC+
Directors: Bert & Bertie
Writers: Nana Nkweti & Channing Powell

Episode 3 – “Bye” - Premieres on Sunday, March 10 on AMC and AMC+
Director: Michael Slovis
Writers: Gabriel Llanas & Matthew W. Negrete

Episode 4 – “What We” - Premieres on Sunday, March 17 on AMC and AMC+

Episode 5 – “Become” - Premieres on Sunday, March 24 on AMC and AMC+

Episode 6 – TBA - Premieres on Sunday, March 31 on AMC and AMC+

There are many familiar names on that list with some outstanding TWD veterans. One of the newcomers is the duo of Bert & Bertie, Amber Templemore-Finlayson, and Katie Ellwood, who are British film and TV directors.

One movie of "the Berts," as they like to call themselves, that highlights their talents is the Amazon Studios movie Troop Zero (2020). The film stars Viola Davis, Mckenna Grace, Jim Gaffigan, Mike Epps, Charlie Shotwell, and Allison Janney and is set in rural Wiggly, Georgia, in 1977. The story follows a group of elementary school misfits longing to belong to something special. It is a simple story that features familiar storylines done in a refreshingly charming way, setting it apart from other underdog stories before it.

TROUPE ZERO featuring Allison Janney and Viola Davis courtesy of Amazon Studios. /

While vastly different from The Ones Who Live, Troop Zero showcases what these two women can do with a fantastic story. This bodes well for the TOWL because fans know this is an epic love story.

Bert & Bertie's next project would be directing a block of episodes for the Hawkeye series that airs on Disney+. In 2021 they would be announced as directing Queen Bitch & The High Horse, a movie from Cate Blanchet's production company Dirty Films, with New Republic Pictures focusing on the largest municipal fraud in America.

They have also signed to direct a feature film adapation of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad attraction featured at Disneyland.

Bert & Bertie have been doing good things at Apple TV+, directing two episodes of Silo's first season with Templemore-Finlayson directing four more in the second season. And the final reason you should be excited is that Bert & Bertie are involved with The Ones Who Live, they directed two episodes of one of the best series to release in a long time, Lessons in Chemistry, that airs on Apple TV+.

Don't miss The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live on AMC and AMC+ on February 25.

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