The Cutting Edge starring The Ones Who Live Terry O'Quinn celebrates 32 years

Terry O'Quinn starred in the 1992 romantic comedy which has become a cult classic.

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Actor Terry O'Quinn is known for a number of memorable roles during his career. He recently joined The Walking Dead universe as Major General Beale in the sixth spinoff, The Ones Who Live. In 1992, he starred in an outstanding romantic comedy, The Cutting Edge. On March 27, the film celebrated its 32-year anniversary.

Say the phrase "Toe Pick" and fans of The Cutting Edge will take notice.

The Cutting Edge was directed by Paul Michael Glaser, who has also directed The Running Man and starred in many significant roles, including his portrayal of Detective Dave Starsky in the 1970s television series Starsky & Hutch (of which he wrote and directed five episodes). The story, written by Tony Gilroy (Bourne Trilogy), centers around a wealthy young woman who is a professional figure skater who is teamed up with a former ice hockey player to compete in Olympic figure skating.

D.B. Sweeney portrays injured hockey player Doug Dorsey, who becomes sidelined due to an injury. Longing to get back on the ice he agrees to be paired with Moira Kelly's Kate Moseley, a figure skater, to become the next US Olympic Champions in doubles figure skating. Led by coach Anton Pamchenko (Roy Dotrice) and funded by Kate's wealthy father, Jack (Terry O'Quinn), the story tells of their struggles and success on and off the ice.

The film also stars Dwier Brown, Chris Benson, Michael Hogan, Kevin Peeks, Rachelle Ottley, and Barry Flatman. The Soviet skating team of Smilkov and Brushkin were portrayed by Christine Hough and Doug Ladret, a figure skating pair from Canada who finished ninth at the actual Olympic competition portrayed in the film just six weeks before the movie's release.

The film spawned several sequels and, since its release, has become a cult classic movie. Initial reviews were mixed, but the chemistry between Sweeney and Kelly really made this film work. The movie's theme song, "Feels Like Forever," was written by Diane Warren and Bryan Adams and was performed by Joe Cocker.

The Cutting Edge sequels

  • The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold (2006)
  • The Cutting Edge: Chasing the Dream (2008)
  • The Cutting Edge: Fire and Ice (2010)


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