The Walking Dead: Dead City filming update and actor teases darker character story

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The Walking Dead: Dead City will begin filming season 2 in April, a fact previously confirmed by TWD CCO Scott M Gimple and now by actor Logan Kim, who plays Hershel Rhee.

Logan Kim began portraying Hershel, the son of Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Glenn (Steven Yeun), in season 1 of Dead City, a spinoff of the main series. In season 10 of the main series, Hershel was played by Kien Michael Spiller, but because of the time jump between shows, the character was recast by Kim.

Kien Michael Spiller as Hershel, Lauren Cohan as Maggie Rhee - The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 16 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC /

Kim recently gave Screen Rant an update on filming and a fun tease about his character.

"Oh, yes. I'm going to be filming that very soon, and I will say Hershel has a lot more to do now that he's not kidnapped. And it's very exciting, and I can't wait to play such a dark character."

Logan Kim
The Walking Dead: Dead City
Logan Kim as Hershel - The Walking Dead: Dead City _ Season 1, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Peter Kramer/AMC /

In season 1 of Dead City, Hershel was abducted by The Croat (Željko Ivanek), who was a former member of Negan's (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) Saviors. The Croat made an arrangement with Maggie, Negan, for her son. As Maggie and Negan have been long-time enemies, due to the fact he brutally killed her husband, Glenn, she willingly traded him for her son's release.

While Hershel was released, he suffered quite a bit at the hands of The Croat and The Dama (Lisa Emery), the queenpin of Manhattan. In addition to the psychological torment he experienced, The Dama took his pinky toe as a reminder to all that she is in control, and she warns Negan that she can always go back for more, proving to be a real threat to Hershel.

The Walking Dead: Dead City
Lisa Emery as The Dama  - The Walking Dead: Dead City _ Season 1, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Peter Kramer/AMC /

While he was a prisoner, once he felt safe, Hershel told The Dama the story of the man who brutally murdered his father while he was still in the womb. When he was released, he told his mother he felt safe in Manhattan because back home he just waits for the next bad thing to happen. He is hurt and angry at the fact that his mother appears fixated on exacting revenge on Negan rather than being a mother to him.

This could be what leads Hershel on a darker path in season 2. Will he return to Manhattan? It will be exciting to see what's to come in the second season of The Walking Dead: Dead City.


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