Walking Dead talent included in To Infinity live-action movie that will make history

To Infinity is a feature film that explores an original story for Toy Story's beloved characters, Woody and Buzz.

Writer and director Dylan Odom spoke with Undead Walking about his innovative new project, a live-action sci-fi western centered around Disney’s Woody and Buzz from Toy Story fame titled To Infinity. 

The project is in the pre-production phase but has announced its first cast members: Michael “Mick Grimes” Wilson, Oscar Rodriguez III, Jon Bernthal as Buzz, and John Morris as Andy, the actor behind the voice of Andy in the original Toy Story movies. 

To Infinity is the brainchild of Odom, who began the journey with the idea of making a “fake trailer” for his child, who was overjoyed at seeing her first movie, Toy Story 4. During the pandemic, Odom had time on his hands, and his “fake trailer” idea quickly transformed into a 90-page screenplay that has become the movie To Infinity. The story reimagines the origins of Woody & Buzz if they existed in the real world during the 1870s Wild West era. 

Odom has a Fair Use Agreement with Disney/Pixar, which states that Odom, not Disney/Pixar, is producing the film. The agreement also stipulates that the project is non-commercial and not for profit. According to the Effingham Herald, Odom has worked a deal with AMC Theaters for the movie to be shown in 98 theaters, with an additional viewing at the historic Mars Theater in Springfield, GA, which is located close to Odom's hometown of Guyton. One vitally important element of the release of the movie is that it will be shown for free to all moviegoers.

Filming will take place at Old Cowtown Museum located in Wichita, Kansas, under Odom's 1958 Productions banner. The location features a town frozen in time during the late 1800s just off the Chisholm Trail. Odom knew this was the location for his movie to film the moment he set foot on its dirt road that is lined with the historically preserved town.

The first teaser for To Infinity was released in May, check it out below.

The best part about this film, besides the amazing story, is that Odom plans to release it in theaters for FREE! To Infinity will be the first movie in the history of film to be shown to the public for free. How can he do this? WITH YOUR HELP! 

 To Infinity is currently raising funds to make this dream a reality. Click here to enter the movie’s GoFundMe page and take advantage of the amazing incentives offered for supporting this once-in-a-lifetime movie.

Incentive Tiers, from lowest to highest, with each new Tier including all previous gifts:

  • $20+: Free Digital Download of the film, BONUS Behind-The-Scenes and Interviews with the Cast, AND gets YOUR name in the end credits!
  • $50+: Official To Infinity Shirt+Poster Combo + all previous Gifts
  • $80+: Autographed Buzz or Woody poster +all previous Gifts
  • $80+: Autographed Buzz or Woody poster +all previous Gifts
  • $100+: Original Concept Art for the film +all previous Gifts
  • $200+: Screen Used Props/Wardrobe- YOU can own a piece of HISTORY!+ all previous gifts
  • $500+ Spend an entire day on the set of the film! + all previous gifts
  • $1,000+ Be our Private Guest at the To Infinity Premiere + Meet Woody and Buzz!+ all previous gifts

Odom shared that he looks at the project as part of his legacy. He envisions his daughter one day watching the movie with her husband and children, thinking, "My dad made this for me." He is proud to offer the movie free of charge for families who otherwise might not be able to enjoy a movie going experience together.

To Infinity Cast

Jon Bernthal
2024 FAN EXPO New Orleans / Erika Goldring/GettyImages

Jon Bernthal will portray a live-action version of Buzz Lightyear. He is well known for his roles as Shane Walsh in The Walking Dead and Frank Castle/Punisher, which he will reprise in the Disney+ miniseries Daredevil: Born Again. He recently starred in Ava DuVernay's Origin and will reprise his role as Brax Wolff in the second Accountant movie.

John Morris
Premiere Of Walt Disney Pictures' "Toy Story 3" - Arrivals / Kevin Winter/GettyImages

John Morris, the voice actor of Andy Davis in the original animated Toy Story movies and many other games and series, will join To Infinity as the live-action version of Andy. He also voiced Santa Boy in Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. He will be making an appearance at Mouse-Con Salt Lake in October.

Oscar Rodriguez III is an actor and artist known as Oscar's Red Hat and founder of The Camp Events, a Walking Dead fan event held annually in Peachtree City, GA. Rodriguez appeared in seasons 9-11 of The Walking Dead, serving several roles as a walker and a whisperer. In the final season of the series, he portrayed a Commonwealth soldier. He also appeared in Zombieland: Double Tap as T800 zombie.

Michael Wilson will play Woody, everyone's favorite sheriff. Wilson is a professional cosplayer known as Mick Grimes, who bears a striking resemblance to Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes, the hero of The Walking Dead. He first dressed like Rick Grimes for Halloween and loved the reaction people had to his costume. This led to cosplaying at special events, charities, and numerous conventions. His full bio can be read here.

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