Watch Walking Dead's Lennie James in season 4 of Genius, now streaming

2023 SCAD TVfest
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British actor, screenwriter, and playwright Lennie James recently starred in the fourth season of Genius: MLK/X, which streams on Disney+, Hulu, and online at National Geographic. The biographical anthology drama was created by Noah Pink and Kenneth Biller and premiered on National Geographic.

Each season of Genius focuses on actual events of great minds from history, from their younger years to their final. Season 1 looked at two periods of the life of Albert Einstein, the first during his years as a patent clerk and the struggles he faced with the second as a respected scientist and his development of the theory of relativity. In the second season, Pablo Picasso was the focus first during his younger years and discovery of his talents, then on to the years as a celebrated artist and his dealings with fame and the rise of fascism.

The third season celebrates the life of Aretha Franklin as a young gospel singer who became pregnant at the age of 12 and then rose as a celebrated singer/songwriter. In season 4, the focus turns to iconic Civil Rights activists Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X during their formative years and the parallel courses their lives followed to mold them into their own identities, allowing them to fight for the changes they wanted to see in the world.

James stars in a recurring role in season 4 as Martin Luther King Sr., with Kelvin Harrison Jr. as MLK Jr. and Aaron Pierre as Malcolm X. The eight-part season premiered on February 1, 2024, and concluded on February 22.

Lennie James new projects

In 2023, it was announced that James would star and executive produce the BBC series Mr. Loverman, based on Bernardine Evaristo's novel. Filming began in October 2023, and no release date has been announced. The series follows Barrington Jedidiah Walker, whose marriage falls apart when it is revealed he has been having a decades-long affair with his male best friend. According to IMDB, the series also stars Bilal Khan, Danny Bailey, and Jessica Murrain.

He will also star in the currently filming The End, a musical apocalyptic movie directed and co-written by Joshua Oppenheimer. This movie tells of a wealthy family who, for over two decades, have been living underground. Also starring Tilda Swinton , George MacKay , Moses Ingram , Michael Shannon , Bronagh Gallagher , and Tim McInnerny.


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