Walking Dead Actor Andrew Lincoln Shaved off his Beard


Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln, Rick,  has shave off his beard. What does that mean for his character? 

Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus (Daryl) went on his Instagram and shared a photo of Rick’s beard clippings. It looks like they will be filming the latest episodes with Rick clean-shaven. I don’t even remember what a clean-shaven Rick looks like any longer.

Here is the image from Reedus:

Before continuing further in the post, we must warn you of potential spoilers on the TV Series. Stop here if you don’t want to know what direction the show will be heading. 

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Everyone is trying to figure out why Andrew Lincoln has his beard shaved. The show is currently filming and Lincoln doesn’t have that famous beard any longer? Could we be seeing the impossible happen? Could the show be getting rid of Rick soon?

That is not possible. This show lives and dies with Rick and Carl. We can’t lose Rick, he is the leader.

Maybe a zombie ate his beard off. That has to be it!

Another explanation can always be found in the comic series. The TV Series will be headed toward a safe zone called Alexandria. There are a lot of different clues that we will have to share on other posts about Alexandria later in the day. (I will tag all these posts with Alexandria and you can see them all on our Undead Walking – Alexandria page.)

When Rick heads out to Alexandria he cleans up his face and chops off the beard. We will be seeing that clean face once again.

The TV Series storyline looks like we will be heading to the safe zone. This will all probably start up after the mid-season finale. We will get to see clean-shaven Rick in 2015.

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