The Walking Dead: Who Died, What Happened in ‘Four Walls and a Roof’


The Walking Dead turned in another heavy and bloody episode on Sunday night, as events occurred that further changed the course of the series both for better and for worse.

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Any night where Michonne got her sword back was a good night. After going without her deadly weapon, Michonne was reunited with her katana sword but that moment came after some emotional drainage earlier in the episode.

For starters, we returned to the scene of last week’s big moment from The Walking Dead when Bob’s leg was devoured by Gareth and his cannibals. While last week was gross for the fact that Bob’s leg was being eaten, the show reversed things in a way by having those who ate his leg regurgitate it after learning it was tainted. Bob had been bitten by a walker earlier on, meaning that his leg meat everyone was eating was likely infected — cooked or not.

Gareth, rather than kill Bob, dropped his body off at the church where Rick and the gang are staying to confirm they’re there and to lure him out. Before there was resolution there, Sasha and Bob were given a really touching heart-to-heart moment that set up events later on in the episode. Sasha wanted to know why Bob didn’t tell her he was bitten, and his response was romance gold.

Bob told Sasha that he wanted to avoid talking about ‘the end’, aka his death, and wanted to instead remember the middle. This also brought about a heart-to-heart between Sasha and Tyreese, who knows the pain of losing someone from incidents we saw in Season 4.

Back to Gareth though, who decided to interrupt this heartfelt moment in classic Gareth douchebag fan. He ended up getting his though, as Rick wouldn’t stand for having Gareth around to do what he did to them and so many others to anyone else he comes across. After hacking up Gareth and his buddies who joined him in trying to take over the church, Sasha and Bob were given center stage again.

This time though, the end was inevitable as Bob was on his death bed saying goodbye to everyone he had come to know. In his final moments, he noted how he was dreaming of Sasha, and that his last memory of life was of him smiling at her and her smiling back at him. With that, Bob died and Tyreese ultimately relieved Sasha of the burden of killing Bob.

It was a heavy ending for the show this week, but amid all of the savagery, The Walking Dead reminded us how much of a human story this is and how no mater how unholy the events of the show are, there’s always a human element to believe in and to fight for restoring.

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