Walking Dead Recap: Where is Carol?


Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 3 has just completed and we learned so many things. If you have not watched the episode yet, this post will summarize what happened in the show, so beware of spoilers. 

…And the Tainted Meat scene played out just like the comics!

Bob was tainted meat. Gareth and his group of Hunters ate some tainted Bob-B-Q. Bob was taken down when they were looking for supplies in episode 2 when he fought off a walker, but he never showed that he was bitten to the rest of the group. He hid it from the rest, but after the Hunters started munching on him like Christmas dinner, he started laughing madly because they were eating tainted meat.

“I’ve been bitten you stupid pricks!”

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Bob was then left out in front of the church for the group to pick up. They brought him in and he told the rest of the group where Gareth is at and also shared that he was bitten by a walker during their supply run.

Father Gabriel knows the exact location of where Gareth and the group is at. That will be Gabriel’s key contribution to the group. He knows the town well and will be key in directing the group to get Gareth. He also likely will bring people to the Lord.

Abraham is not interested in sticking around in the church and is looking to get his crew out as quick as possible. He is looking to get  Eugene to DC, but Rick is not about leaving without Daryl and Carol. He expects them to get right back and refuses to leave without them. Carol did save them from Terminus.

Abraham doesn’t care about waiting for Carol and wants to roll. Tara says that he will go with them as part of the trip if he waits longer. Abraham also wanted Glenn and Maggie to jump on with them and if they do, then he will wait a 1/2 day to leave.

With Bob on his death bed, Sasha didn’t have the hear to take care of Bob so she gave Tyreese the knife to take care of him if he stops breathing, but Tyreese wasn’t even able to take care of the Termite Martin that put Judith in danger. How is he supposed to take care of Bob?

Gareth and the crew break into the church and are looking to eliminate the whole crew while Rick and some of the crew are off looking for Gareth at the school. That was the opportunity that the Hunters were looking for. As Gareth is locking down their location inside of the church, Judith loses her stealth mode by giving a little cry and gives away their location.

While the Hunters were about to break into the room, one of his men gets shot in the head by Sasha. While Gareth turns around and tries to talk he gets his finger blown off by Sasha as well. Rick and the group took away the weapons from the Hunters and brutally beat down all of the men. Rick followed his promise and killed Gareth with the machete with the red handle.

After Father Gabriel is staring at all the dead hunters, Father Gabriel says “this is the Lord’s house” and Maggie follows with, “No. This is just four walls and a roof.” …so there is your title for this episode.

The Hunters had a bag of weapons and Michonne’s sword was in that bag. She was able to get it back and the reunion was better than the reunion of Maggie and Glenn.

Speaking of Maggie and Glenn, they didn’t look too pleased with the brutality that took place on the Hunters. That will be something that we might have to speculate on during the week.

Bob is still in his room dying after all of that. He gave Rick some advice and thanked him for taking him into the group. Sasha the is with him alone to say their last words while Bob passed away on the chair. Sasha looked like she was going to take care of him with her knife, but Tyreese walked in and decided to do it for her. This time Tyreese was able to get the job done. He let Martin live and that was part of the group that took Bob. Tyreese likely felt guilty for some of the things that have happened. He also buried Bob’s body.

Abraham and his crew left to go to DC. That group consisted of Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Glenn, Maggie and Tara.

The episode ended with Michonne hearing some noises in the woods and she went to peep in to see who it was. She found out that it was Daryl coming through the woods. Then she asked “Where is Carol” and he responded “Come on out?”



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