Walking Dead Slabtown Spoilers and Teasers


We check in with Spoiler TV to see what insight they have on the latest episode of The Walking Dead. Here is what they have for us:

"Martin: After seeing the promos for next week/s The Walking Dead do you have any intel?Romain will have a full preview up later but we can give you these snippets.– The whole episode resolves around Beth and her new environment.– We meet the new character Noah who takes the blame and punishment for a “mistake” Beth made.– Elevator shafts have never looked so grim.– We get a new name for Walkers.Dani: I’m just wondering if it is revealed who Daryl brings out at the end or if it’s left as a cliffhanger? I’m afraid you’ll have to wait at least another week as it’s not revealed in this Sunday’s episode"

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Let’s touch on all the teasers and spoilers that have been given.

All of 504 is going to revolve around Beth. They will likely play with time and show what had happened since she had been captured by this group of people. I am guessing that when she wakes up in the hospital like they have shown in the previews, this is her first day there.

Also, we are going to meet a character named Noah who is played by Tyler James Williams. He likely will be a big part of this story with Beth. Still not sure what the relationship of the two are, but with him taking the punishment for Beth, then we have to believe that he has built some sort of bond with her.

This elevator shaft thing sounds creepy. We have seen what it looks like in the previews, but why in the world is she hanging out in one. Was she trying to escape?

What could this new name be for walkers? Can we call them zombies yet? Probably not!

As far as who came back with Daryl, we already have the answer on that little spoiler. It looks like we won’t find out till next week on what happened with her.

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