The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap: Who Died in ‘Consumed’?


The Walking Dead featured another powerful episode tonight and that saw Carol and Daryl both grow as strong characters but also prove to be vulnerable as well. 

Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead was perhaps the strongest of the season, mainly because it featured two of the strongest characters on the show. Carol and Daryl both have been hard as stone characters not he show but tonight’s episode peeled back that protective shell they have up all the time to reveal them at they most human.

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What we were all wondering was what would happen to the two, and who would fall victim to the apocalypse in this episode. Thankfully, no outside of walkers died in tonight’s episode but that wasn’t the point. Other episodes have featured headline deaths, like with Bob or Hershel, but this episode was about the humanity in growth rather than the tragedy of death.

In fact, with Carol and Daryl there is tragedy in their growth as characters as both have been places and seen things that have changed them in good and bad ways. But no one died in this episode because the focus was on that growth with Carol and Daryl in their characters. There were separate moments tonight when they showed compassion when they otherwise wouldn’t have in the past.

It also reaffirmed that both Carol and Daryl have souls still and haven’t been totally eroded by what they’ve seen or what has happened to them. Daryl noted that they were starting over and he wasn’t kidding. They’re both getting a second chance at being human beings in the most inhuman situation possible and both passed big tests tonight.

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