The Walking Dead Recap: Beth Gets Killed by Dawn (GIF)


The Walking Dead killed off Beth tonight in its midseason finale episode, as the loss will have massive long term and far reaching effects.

Fans of The Walking Dead were hoping that the rumors of Beth getting killed would not be true.

As it turns out, that character who met their end was none other than Beth, and boy was it heartbreaking to see.

Despite being one of the most innocent characters on the show and only recently strapping her boots tight and hiking her big girl pants high, Beth was killed off in the midseason finale. It was a moment that will come to define the rest of this season, as her death will not be something that is simply skipped over.

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She was hellbent on killing Dawn after how she saw the hospital run, and she ended up completing her mission. It unfortunately cost her the ultimate price.

It all could have been avoided too. Beth had already been rushed and traded for but when it came time for Noah to be handed over — unjustly, mind you — there was no turning Beth back.

Beth dying is going to be a major turning point in not just the season but the series as a whole. The effect it has on characters like Daryl, Carol and Rick will be far reaching as this is not a death that will simply be grazed over for the next plot point — rather, it’s going to be central to many character arcs going on at the moment.

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