The Walking Dead Spoilers: Rick Grimes To Get ‘Darker’ In Season 5


The Walking Dead is known for it’s violent shifts in tone, and we could be seeing that in the second half of the fifth season with Rick Grimes getting darker as a character. 

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Rick Grimes is a character that fans of The Walking Dead have been following from the very beginning of the show. He’s the hero in a world that needs them but can’t hardly find any and that’s something that has clearly taken a toll on him.

Over the course of five seasons, Rick has gone from a humble father and ex-cop to a deranged man willing to hack a dude’s skull in or run him down with a car for the greater good.

This has fans tremendously worried that Rick is losing his way and might be too far gone into the darkness of the world he lives in. From killing Gareth to running down Lamson with a car, Rick is starting to slip into darkness and it’s not looking pretty for his future.

In an interview with THR, Scott Gimple noted that Rick is going to get much darker as the fifth season of the show presses on.

"“Rick will be darker, but it’s all to keep his family safe and his people safe,” Gimple explains. “That’s an incredibly humanistic thing. You don’t want to be the human on the other side of that equation.”"

Rick has already gotten darker throughout the course of the series, but watching him get even darker plays into the theory that he may be turning heel and becoming a villain on the show. There’s such a thing as too much darkness for Rick and he’s starting to flirt with that as the show presses on.

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