Will Tyreese Die Soon on Walking Dead?



Will Tyreese be the next big character on the Walking Dead to die?

I have just been putting the pieces together and it seems like he will be a character that does not survive past this season. Tyreese’s character is no longer in the comics. He was the character that had his head slashed off by the Governor instead of Herschel. That meas that Tyreese is a dead man walking. He really is a wild card at this point since his story line is unknown in the comic form. It is a prime time for storytellers to take him off of the show.

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Recently, actor Chad Coleman (Tyreese) was announced as a cast member for a new space drama called “The Expanse”. Filming for both television shows cannot be easy and likely is not the case. It more than likely means that Coleman has quickly found new work after his final day of filming with the Walking Dead.

There have been rumors from the Spoiling Dead about a scene that was filmed in late August that involved a bloody Tyreese. In the scene, a bloody Tyreese was carried out  of somewhere by Rick and Glenn. Both Rick and Glenn were holding Tyreese up and helping him walk. Chad Coleman had not been seen filming since that day and now he recently has been announced as a new actor for a space drama.

It just makes sense that Tyreese will be a character that doesn’t last till the end of the season. He doesn’t have much of a story line left to tell and Chad Coleman just found a new show to star in.

Now the question: how does it all happen? If a bloody Tyreese is getting carried out of somewhere, then it doesn’t look like an immediate Beth type of death. It seems more like a drawn out death like Bob.

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