The Walking Dead Rumors: Will Carl Get Bigger Role in Season 5B?


Carl Grimes is a character often shoved off to the side on The Walking Dead, but with the group in emotional shambles in season five, will he get a larger role on the show?

There haven’t been many Carl centered episodes on The Walking Dead and there may not ever really be any outside of the few we’ve seen but that doesn’t mean his role eon the show won’t expand. Right now, Carl remains background noise on The Walking Dead as the spotlight rests on major characters like Rick, Daryl and Carol as well as major events like Eugene exposing himself as a fraud and Beth getting killed in the midseason finale episode.

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As the midseason premiere for season five approaches, the discussion over who will play starring roles is starting to heat up, and Carl’s name is near the top of list of characters who could breakout. Carl is a bit of a wild card character has his development throughout the series has been somewhat stunted but stops and starts with storylines. The most we’ve seen Carl is in the infamous pudding episode from last season, and since then his presence in the story has been sporadic at best.

With Rick starting to go off the deep end, it might be time for Carl to come off the bench and get into the game as someone who may bring Rick back from whatever brink he’s on — or at least approaching at rapid pace.

Giving Carl a bigger role on the show may end up making him more likable too, as he doesn’t have that great of a standing with fans at the moment. He’s always a candidate to be killed off, but these final eight episode of The Walking Dead’s fifth season could prove to be episode where Carl takes strides as a character we care more and more about.

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