Watch Norman Reedus Star In A Radiohead Music Video Years Before The Walking Dead (Video)


The Walking Dead has made stars out of its cast, but actors like Norman Reedus have been kicking around for years and their past work is getting new light.

Not every hollywood actor makes it big on their first try, and while many sensations seem to have come over night, chances are that person has been slaving away for years to carve out the career that is only just at that moment going mainstream.

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Nirvana had a cult hit record and were playing grunge music in the 1980s before they hit it big in 1991 and changed music. Norman Reedus is popular now thanks to The Walking Dead, but he too has been slaving away at his career for two decades and counting.

A music video from the rock band Radiohead is getting some new play thanks to it’s famous star who The Walking Dead fans may be familiar with. That’s right, in case you didn’t know it before, Norman Reedus was the star of a Radiohead music video in the 1990s.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a badass character on a show have light and fluffy beginnings. Aaron Paul had a surprisingly Jessie Pinkman-style run as a commercial star back in the late 90s and early 2000s before landing his role on Breaking Bad.

Reedus starring in a Radiohead music video is actually pretty cool, and we’re almost certain that while Daryl Dixon has probably never listened to music in his entire life, he’d approve of this crossover with Radiohead.

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