Is Fear The Walking Dead Really The Name Of The Companion Series?


The new title for The Walking Dead companion series has been leaked, but is Fear The Walking Dead really what the show will be called?

With news that The Walking Dead companion series has a new title, the question of the hour has become is that really the new title of the show? Many fans have been wondering if the new show title is legit, a working title being used as a smokescreen or possibly even just the title of the pilot episode.

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As it stands now, it appears that Fear The Walking Dead is going to be the title of the series, but the script leak that was posted to the internet this weekend has been sealed. That leads to a number of possibilities when it comes to the new title of the show.

What it most likely suggests is that Fear The Walking Dead is something AMC and the producers do not want us to know yet. It’s referenced in the script as the title, but when the script was taken down the show was not referred to by name.

So while there’s a remote possibility that this is just the title of the pilot, in all likelihood that also means it’s the title of the show. Let’s not close out bets though that Fear The Walking Dead is just the name of the pilot episode, as typically scripts for television shows don’t always include the show title.

Then again, scripts often times don’t reference episodes titles outside of numerical cataloging, which makes it look like Fear The Walking Dead is the name of the new companion series from AMC.

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