Walking Dead Track of the Week: Blackbird Song (Video)


The Walking Dead Track of the Week: Blackbird Song by Lee DeWyze

Lee DeWyze – Blackbird Song

Lee DeWyze’s haunting vocals are featured on Season 4 of the Walking Dead on the episode ‘Alone’. We hear Blackbird Song during a flashback to Bob Stookey’s journey before meeting the group. A journey without a destination. An acoustic guitar and violin heavy track, DeWyze’s powerful vocals are the featured spectacle here. Capturing the senses of unwavering bleakness and desolation.

DeWyze’s lyrics promise an end to the dejection of isolation with the lyrics, “Don’t be scared, I’m still here”. Foreshadowing Stookey’s eventual introduction to the group. According to The Hollywood Reporter, DeWyze composed the song for The Walking Dead with no guarantee of its release.

"“I had no idea if the song would go into the show. I thought it could end up in the abyss with all of the other music I’ve never released. But I was really adamant about getting this one out there.” – Lee DeWyze"

DeWyze was inspired by three characters on the show he relates to the most Daryl, Hershel and Glenn. Daryl Dixon being the one he relates most to as a viewer. DeWyze took a leap of faith and asked Fred Jasper, vice President of TV/Film Licensing at the Welk Music Group to submit the song. Jasper told DeWyze to keep his expectations low because of the show’s status, but a few days laters calls came in. They loved Blackbird Song. Walking Dead history was born.

The track is now commercially available on The Walking Dead (AMC Original Soundtrack) Vol. 2 EP. It was the second most viral song on Spotify the week it premiered on the show. One of the most Tweeted about songs on the Walking Dead, it debuted on Billboard’s Pop Digital Songs chart at number 29.

DeWyze is currently on tour and performs the powerful Blackbird’s Song live. Show and tour info is available on Dewyze’s official website.

Track: Blackbird Song
Artist: Lee DeWyze
Episode: Alone – Season 4, Episode 13
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