Walking Dead Fan Art Roundup – January 30, 2015


The Last of Us / The Walking Dead cover Fan Art by Scott Blair. ©scottblairart, January 28, 2015

Walking Dead Fan Art – Three of the Best

This week’s first-class artwork features artists Scott Blair, Stephen Burgess and Michael Cliffe. The pieces were chosen for their ability to convey character, personality and excitement. Whether intrinsic charm or wonder, the following three portraits undoubtedly invoke a sense of curiosity.

The Last of Us/ The Walking Dead cover Fan Art by Scott Blair. ©scottblairart, January 28, 2015

The Last of Us Walking Dead by scottblairart on DeviantArt.
©scottblairart, January 28, 2015.


The Last of Us, was an achievement. A triumph. The paramount of the Playstation 3 era and an absolute spectacle. Creator Neil Druckmann was inspired by The Walking Dead alongside other post-apocalyptic worlds. His efforts produced one of the most brilliant titles in history. In this piece, we see artist Scott Blair bring the two worlds of The Last of Us and The Walking Dead together. In a professional presentation, the two worlds finally collide. A post-modern meta question. What if the inspired became the inspiration? Here we have a glimpse into the possibility.

The Walking Dead Fan Art:

A warm cartoony style surrounded in a background of panic and horror. The colors vibrant and full of life. Comic style, polished to perfection.
About the Artist:

Scott Blair is a freelance illustrator with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from Middle Tennessee State University. Originally, Blair created his artwork in acrylic paints, but switched to digital painting in 2005. In 2007 after a Bettie Page inspired photo shoot, Blair discovered his passions lay in creating modern pinup artwork. He is no stranger to Walking Dead fan art, creating this Daryl and Beth cover last year. You can purchase Blair’s artwork at his Ebay store, PinupEyeCandy. Commission a personal request and more at his official website, ScottBlairArt.com

Rick. 2015. by Stephen Burgess

Rick. 2015. by s-burgess on DeviantArt.
©s-burgess, January 25, 2015.


What it means to be Rick Grimes has evolved from Season 1 to Season 5. We’ve gone from ‘this isn’t a Democracy anymore’ to farming, to a Rick untrusting of all outsiders. This Rick makes promises and keeps them to Gareth, and is not looking to ‘live together’ like in the prison days. While he once begrudged the Governor for revenge, Rick desired revenge on Terminus.

Once he argued with Shane, but now an immoral world looms at every waking moment. All understandable. Rick is adapting to an unpredictable world, with unpredictable people. This Rick’s debate days have been out to pasture, along with Terminus, the Prison and Woodbury. In this Walking Dead fan art, Burgess portrays this new Rick in a moment reminiscent of the day Rick took a bite out of the Walker playbook.

The Walking Dead Fan Art

Reddish hues surround Rick and Rick himself. A representation of the pull to a world mired in violence. Rick’s expressive eyes splash morality on the brink of evaporating. A canvas drenched in rage. Fine details, grimace and certain lifelessness of an existence revolving around traumatic action. The end of naivety. A fiery Walking Dead fan art for an impassioned Season 5.

About the Artist

Stephen Burgess is an artist from the United Kingdom. Burgess shows you the process of painting Rick off a tablet photo here. You can check out more of Burgess’ works at his Deviant Art page.

The Walking Dead in progress by Michael Cliffe (User: Smartstack)

The walking dead (in progress) by smartstack on DeviantArt.
©smartstack, January 25, 2015.


The sketch features Maggie, Glenn and Daryl out in the bleakness of the world. A zombie hangs in the background still resiliently ‘alive’ depending how you look at it. Another zombie on the top right is barely visible, perhaps still unknown to the group. This work in progress carries the weight of the unknown. A world open, yet claustrophobic. Walker restricted access.

The Walking Dead Fan Art

A charming styling of The Walking Dead. Simple pen and paper, complex eyes and facial expressions.

About the Artist

Michael Cliffe resides in the United Kingdom. A talented comicstrip artist, he’s previously drawn the humorous Liam the Post Boy comic series. Check out Cliffe’s work at his Deviant Art page.

That’s it for this Walking Dead Fan Art Roundup! Check out more Walking Dead headlines at the news hub and previous Weekend Roundups by me at this link. See you next time Walking Dead fans!

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