You’ll Either Love Or Hate Walking Dead’s Midseason Premiere


With several spoilers being out about the season 5 midseason premiere of The Walking Dead, fans are already weighing in with opinions on the episode.  Some of the response from the spoilers has been positive while others are afraid that the episode might be a bit too artsy.

The creator of The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman discussed how fans could have very different responses to the episode in a recent article on Entertainment Weekly’s website:

"“That is going to be a fan-favorite episode in a lot of ways, and it’s going to be a fan-hated episode in a lot of ways,” creator Robert Kirkman admits. “Because it is somewhat brutal. But there’s a lot of magic in that as well. It’s going to be very unique.”"

That kind of divergence in the fan base is nothing new to The Walking Dead.  Since the show began, many issues have split the fan base, including who Daryl Dixon should be dating and the impact that Beth Greene’s passing had on the show.  Despite all these differences in opinion, The Walking Dead Family still always seems to stick together to share their admiration for the hit AMC television show.

The good thing about this episode being so polarizing to the fan base is that it will get people talking about it.  While many of the episodes in season 5 up to this point have focused on action of developing characters, it’s good that an episode that is somewhat brutal, but full of magic has a place on the show.

Make sure to tune in to the return of The Walking Dead’s fifth season Sunday on AMC.  Check your local listings for time and availability.

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