Talking Dead Guests For S5E09 – February 8, 2015


With The Walking Dead set to return from their season 5 midseason break, that also means that we’ll get to see Talking Dead return as well.

The popular discussion show is hosted by “The Nerdist” Chris Hardwick and will have a bit of a different air time this for this week’s episode.  Instead of immediately following The Walking Dead, the series premiere of Breaking Bad spinoff show Better Call Saul will be in its place.  Talking Dead will instead air in the 11:15 pm time slot for those in the Eastern time zone.

Here are the guests that will be on the couch joining Chris Hardwick on Sunday’s episode of Talking Dead:

Greg Nicotero

  • Known for his special effects, Greg Nicotero is somewhat of a legend already.  Not only does he make sure that all the walkers and actors look great, but he’s also directed many of the episodes of The Walking Dead that have aired on AMC, including Sunday’s episode titled “What Happened And What’s Going On?”.

Ron Perlman

  • Ron Perlman is perhaps best known for Hellboy, but he’s also been a regular on Sons of Anarchy and has voiced many cartoon characters in his career.  This will be Perlman’s first time on the Talking Dead couch.

A Mystery Cast Member

  • Mystery cast members are always fun!  Sometimes, they use this designation to hide a major story arc or even the possible death of a character.  Hopefully, the rumors about losing a certain character early in the second half of season 5 are not true.

It should be an interesting program.  It’s always fun to see who the mystery cast member is and Greg Nicotero has always been a great guest on Talking Dead.  While I’m not a big fan of Hellboy and don’t know much else about Ron Perlman, I’m definitely willing to give him the benefit of the doubt as a guest on the show.

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