Walking Dead Midseason spoilers: Does Noah survive?


It turns out that a character we thought might be dying this season could live to see The Walking Dead season 6.

The Walking Dead returns tonight with the midseason premiere of the show, but fans are wondering what lies ahead and which characters may not be with us for much longer.

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According to a report, it appears that Noah is alive and well in the 12th episode of the season, which just so happens to be the halfway point of the season half of the season this year.

"One character some Walking Dead fans thought might be leaving us very soon may not leave us so soon at all. (Which is not to say that he will live to see Season 6.) It’s Noah (Tyler James Williams) — he was never “confirmed” to be dead or even leaving the group, but it wasn’t too clear whether he was part of the episodes at the Alexandria Safe-Zone or not."

Basically, a set visit has indicated that Jesse Tyler Williams, who plays Noah on The Walking Dead, was spotted as being par to the group during shooting. What this tells us is that Noah will survive the initial first half of these new episodes, but things are unclear from there.

Rumors are swirling that Noah dies this season and those are rumors being aided by the fact that Jesse Tyler Williams just landed a series regular role on CSI: Cyber, the latest of the CSI spinoff shows. This would mean that he’d have to leave The Walking Dead, but it doesn’t guarantee he dies or even leaves altogether.

The writers could work around his absence and have Noah simply go missing or focus on other stories without killing him off. Either way, he appears to survive the initial episodes this season and that’s something we can all breath a sigh of relief over.

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